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Are you one of the many people who consider massage to be a luxury or a special treat? While a good massage certainly feels luxurious their are many benefits of regular massage.  Massage therapy can decrease pain, relieve tension, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and decrease stress.  (just to name a few)

It's been proven that many illnesses are caused by stress, with that being the case, for that reason alone, shouldn't you consider massage therapy a  regular part of your wellness routine?... Like flossing your teeth only much more enjoyable!

I provide an environment in my home studio that is relaxing, peaceful and private allowing for rejuvenation not only of the body, but the spirit and mind as well.  There's a reason my business is called Magic Hands Massage. You will feel magically transformed in to a new person after just one session!

I combine Swedish, Deep tissue, and hot stone massage techniques to create the ultimate relaxation experience! Being in a deeply relaxed state allows your body to repair itself. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, but being in a state of stress greatly hinders our body's ability to do so. 

Get a massage today!  Let the magic begin.
Massage therapist
Wendy Tisdale (la-4818
Shreveport, La
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